Describe Your Kdrama in One Sentence!


The task of choosing a Kdrama just by looking at its summary is a difficultΒ one on its own. So many words and so many plots. To make it easy for you, here is a list of 15 lightning fast reviews.These one-line summaries will definitely make you want to watch these dramas!

Strong parental guidance is advised.


A rich ahjussi falls in love with a school girl but its okay because he is 939 years old.

Kill Me, Heal Me

A brother is in love with his sister who is in love with seven different personalities of a patient.


Ji Chang Wook is trying to save a girl (version 1).


Ji Chang Wook is trying to save a girl (version 2).



Cheese in the Trap

A mean dude trying to protect his girlfriend from other mean dudes.

Personal Taste

Lee Minho is rude to a girl while pretending to be gay.

To the Beautiful You

Choi Minho is rude to a boy who is actually a girl.

My Secret Romance

Most ofΒ the romance is out in the open and nothing is secret.

Oh My Ghostess

A virgin ghost trying to find peace by sealing the deal (with a hot dude).

Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess

Chief Kim

Budding Bromance~

EXO Next Door

Literally, EXO next door.

It’s Okay, That’s Love

A guy who likes to sleep in his bathtub falls in love with a girl who does not want to have sex.

Orange Marmalade

Twilight but opposite gender…

Pretty Man.

..where IU represents all fangirls in fangirling over a boy.

Surplus Princess

A mermaid who is really into apple butts.


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